TCG have created and established a technology based service to the insolvency industry. We provide an efficient, fast, cost effective service. We have been openly endorsed by Compliance Consultants in the industry and we continue to excel.

We have never received a complaint from any of our clients and feedback from our clients is that we provide a fantastic service.
A sample of the feedback we have received from our clients include:

Thank you for the fast and efficient service, we are impressed with how simple it is.

(A small accountancy firm based in Carlisle, corporate and personal insolvency provider)

We are only a small firm and therefore only need your services occasionally, but when we do, it is of enormous benefit not only to us but to creditors as well, keeping things simple for them and saving them money. Also your understanding of our needs and your readiness to help solve problems of our own making in the early days were much appreciated. I am delighted with the simplicity and effectiveness of the service and will continue to use you whenever appropriate.

(A Small Accountancy Firm based in the South East of England)

My firm has been using Creditor Gateway for some time now and find it saves so much on time and expense. It's also a system I am sure the recipients to our uploaded reports also appreciate. Who said you can't have the rainbow without the rain?!

(Robert Chapman, Senior Administrator, Ian Holland & Co)

We are a small practice and have been using The Creditor Gateway for about a year now and have found the whole concept to be perfect. Not only does it save money for both creditors and the Practitioner but also it helps the environment hugely by greatly reducing wastage of paper resources. TCG's response time is electric and they are extremely professional and friendly. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any IP firm, large or small

(Phil Daly, Daly & Co, Small corporate and personal insolvency provider based in Sheffield)

Having been introduced to the service by a colleague from another practice I now could not do without The Creditor Gateway for the large insolvency cases for which we are appointed Liquidator/Supervisor. The Creditor Gateway is saving the company money in postage and our team, time. The efficiency of Rebecca and the team in taking less than 6 minutes usually to upload the relevant reports, makes The Creditor Gateway a worthwhile experience that I would recommend to other practices

(A firm providing both personal and corporate insolvency services based in Derbyshire)

Starting in April 2010, we have gradually grown as a small business and we now have a solid base of clients ranging from sole practitioners to Top 20 Accountancy firms, who provide a range of corporate and personal insolvency solutions. Our service is not based on fixed fees throughout the year and, therefore, we can provide a bespoke service to all of our clients in which they only pay for the cases they send through to us. This prevents them from incurring subscription fees and ensures that both small and large firms can benefit from our service, placing them on an equal footing in the market. We also complete the naming and uploading of reports along with the creation and safe storage of the password in each case, ensuring that the administrative burden previously placed on the IP is genuinely reduced.