Price List:

For Administration & Liquidation report uploads

Prices are based on the number of creditors of a company.

1-100 Creditors £14+VAT
101-200 Creditors £24+VAT
201-300 Creditors £34+VAT
301-400 Creditors £44+VAT
401-500 Creditors £54+VAT
501-600 Creditors £64+VAT
601-700 Creditors £74+VAT
701-800 Creditors £84+VAT
801-900 Creditors £94+VAT
901-1,000 Creditors £104+VAT
1,001-1,500 Creditors £154+VAT
1,501-2,000 Creditors £204+VAT
2,001-2,500 Creditors £254+VAT
2,501-3,000 Creditors £304+VAT
3,001-3,500 Creditors £354+VAT
3,501-4,000 Creditors £404+VAT
4,001-4,500 Creditors £454+VAT
4,501-5,000 Creditors £504+VAT
Over 5,000 Creditors £754+VAT

This works out at c.10p per creditor, less than a quarter of the cost of a first class stamp.

CVAs, IVAs and Bankruptcies cost a flat rate of £15+VAT per case per year with no limit on the number of document uploads.